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Tuvalu Media creates and produces original and intriguing concepts for all the public and commercial television networks in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Tuvalu Media has many collaborations with international broadcasters, such as Discovery Channel, Viacom, Disney Channel, Insight and National Geographic.

Tuvalu Media is one of the biggest production companies of the Netherlands. In this company we create and produce content in all possible genres: scripted as well as non-scripted, entertainment, reality, factual entertainment and documentaries. Our creators want to tell stories that excite and inspire and above all, broaden the viewer’s mind.

We are also actively participating in platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Tuvalu Media produces corporate videos, television advertisements and events for companies, governmental institutions and non-profit organisations.

Many of our formats are shown across the world as local versions and are greatly appreciated. Most well-known examples are Cover Me and The First Years. Cover Me has been nominated for the Gouden Televizier Ring, received an honorable mention by the jury of the Nipkow Schijf and won the prestigious Deutsche Fernsehpreis with its local German version. The First Year won the Gouden Stuiver in 2017, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in 2017 and 2018 and in Denmark it won the most important television award in 2017. Additionally, this concept was recently elected to be the most successful European online project during the Prix Europe. Ali B Op Volle Toeren en Brugklas.

Our headquarters has been located in Amsterdam since 2013.

Tuvalu Media is part of the TM Group , which also includes Sparkx Media, Column Film, CCCP and Pupkin vallen.


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